‘A journey that enables discovery and empowers growth’
Maxine Henry, 2020.

Beyond Partners coaching is designed for people and organisations who recognise the benefits of a growth mindset and have a desire for positive change. So, if you are interested in developing as an individual or as a team, read on…

Individual Coaching

Curious by nature, Maxine has a natural ability to help people dig deep and find their own answers from within. Not only that but she has added to her coaching credentials by completing her Level 7 CIM in Coaching and Mentoring. Instead of looking to provide answers she has learnt the art of listening to her coachees and their stories and helping them identify a positive version of their truth to enable a growth mindset. If you know where you want to go but you’re not sure how to get there, even if it’s a small kernel of an idea or a willingness to grow and learn, then Maxine will help you identify your path and stand behind you as you walk it.

Team Coaching

Creating a space for change takes courage and a psychologically safe space. By working with Maxine and Sally they will use their experience to work with your leadership team, creating a space which allows your team to leave their noise and baggage at the door and identify what makes them a great team, why they want to succeed together and lay strong foundations to create a resilient and adaptable business.

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