It seems to make pretty good sense that our first Beyond Partners blog is all about us, Maxine and Sally, the co-founders of Beyond Partners. And a wise person (thank you Sakichi Toyoda) once came up with the Five Whys.  So, we bring to you our Five Whys, shining a spotlight on our purpose, our reason for creating Beyond Partners and launching to the world.


1. Why Beyond Partners?

Having worked together in a previous life, we both knew deep in our hearts that we would end up working together again. We’ve been each other’s cheerleader; we’ve supported each other through some ups and downs, and we’ve laughed (a lot) together. So, for us it was more a question of ‘why not’. What better way to join forces than to co-found our own business, to bring together our complementary HR and Marketing skills, our joint ambitions and importantly our shared values. And, there we have it a business founded on keeping it simple, keeping it honest and keeping it real.


2. Why take the leap of faith and start a business?

We truly believe in what we are doing and the impact it will have.  Our ‘whys’ are different but we know that together we are stronger.

Maxine:  For me I want to leave a legacy for my boys.  I want them to understand than when a door is closed in front of you, it’s possible to find a way to open it (even during a global pandemic) and that work is really rewarding.

Sally: My why is simple – I want to be the master of my own destiny, doing something I love doing with lovely people.


3. Why Co-Found?

Co-founding offers a great opportunity to share the experiences of starting a business.  Being bold and disruptive takes courage and by co-founding we have our own personal champion supporting each other, making you dig deeper and there’s always someone there for a reality check.  And for our clients, they get the benefit of double the experience and two different perspectives.


4. Why HR and Marketing?

This isn’t just about having a laugh and smashing together our experience in HR and Marketing. We’re making a conscious move to flip the traditional route of HR and Marketing working in isolation and bringing a joined-up approach to the table. At Beyond Partners, we’re huge believers in your people and your brand being your biggest assets. When we talk brand we can’t emphasise enough that this isn’t just the fluffy, pretty stuff. Yes, that’s important but your brand reflects your purpose, your values and how you communicate and your culture too. We want to share our own passion for joined-up thinking to help ambitious businesses harness their potential.


5. Why a joined-up approach?

Focussing on the power of your people and your brand and making sure everything is aligned is where the magic happens.  Imagine a business where everyone ‘gets’ your ambitions, where everyone is working towards the same purpose. And this passion is reflected on the outside where your customers can feel that belief and enthusiasm at every touchpoint. You’re looking at a business which is turning that passion into performance and delivering on the brand promise.

Welcome to Beyond Partners, we help you create happy people and brilliant brands on the inside, so you achieve more on the outside. We will help you turn your business ambitions (you know, the scary ones you are almost frightened to dream of) into reality, they will be felt at every touchpoint throughout your business and the passion for what you do will shine through.

But that’s enough about us. We’re looking to partner with like-minded businesses within a penchant for disruption and an eagerness for something different. So, if you want to blaze a trail with us then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Maxine and Sally