Impact Story –  Lighthouse Therapy Group

Beyond Partners bring clarity of vision and purposeful direction to entrepreneur

Set up by Mark Walsh, The Lighthouse Therapy Group is a counselling service and a social enterprise focussed on helping people connect with the outdoors. A passionate entrepreneur, Mark has a genuine love for making a difference to people, not just his clients but also the people who work for him.

But when we first met Mark, he wouldn’t mind us saying that he was frustrated, confused and showing the signs of burnout that he often saw in his clients.

In fact, he was well and truly facing a common problem faced by many enthusiastic entrepreneurs; “I’ve got these ideas but I can’t find the right words and I don’t know which ideas will lead to where I want to get to.”  In other words, he was stuck.

We worked with Mark to understand what drives him, what motivates him, what type of future he wants to build and what’s his ‘why’.

Fast forward to us playing back our purpose, vision and values project to him.  We had taken every conversation, every story he told us and distilled it down to help him gain some clarity. 

What we weren’t expecting was his response.  His easy smile quickly turned into a big, full face grin and he nodded silently. ‘Nailed it!’ he exclaimed. Later, he told is that we had provided so much clarity in the direction he wants to take the company and he couldn’t remember what it was like to not work with us. 

“Beyond Partners have helped so much in giving me clarity about my long-term ambitions for Lighthouse Therapy Group. Without Maxine and Sally I would have still been wandering around ‘searching’ for direction instead of now ‘following’ my direction.”

Mark now uses his purpose, vision and values to guide his decision-making process. And having a clear purpose has supported his strategy development, always with a focus on the ambition to bring mental health into everyday lives through openness, accessibility and being a catalyst for change for good. 

Providing clarity to Mark and helping him to articulate what The Lighthouse Therapy Group stands for enables him to communicate effectively with his staff, clients and peers. So here’s to ‘shining a light on mental health for good’ and following your North Star.